Educational Insight Inc. Offers College Readiness Trainings to Students

June 2015 | Houston, Texas
BY: Amy Williams

Educational Insight Inc. (EdInsight) is an organization that provides services to a range of educational, public, private, and community agencies and organizations. The majority of services are directed to school systems, school districts, and Educational Service Centers (ESC) in the areas of addressing "at risk," or "high risk" student and promoting college readiness and leadership building among participants.

According to its mission, EdInsight is an organization that is "committed to providing quality training and services to various educational entities, districts, educational service centers, and schools across the country. The overall goal of the organization can be captured in highlighting the three E’s: Education, Enthusiasm, and Empowerment."


"Educational Insight has collaborations with the Texas State University School of Social Work and the Center for P-16 Initiatives on the Texas State University campus. Both of these entities offer support and research, and promote programming with the efforts of G-Force mentors and Generation Texas staff," explained R. Stephen Medel, founder and Executive Director of EdInsight. "The School of Social Work provides opportunities for research and evidenced-based programming under the guidance of faculty, while the Center for P-16 Initiatives provides assistance with community outreach and support staff as their mission is college readiness."

This summer, EdInsight has been partnering with local high schools to bring training on college readiness to students. Some schools who have been involved thus far in East Austin College Prep - both the main campus and MLK campus, and San Marcos High School.


"Educational Insight has been a part of the Caminos: Pathway to College Success program coordinated by Texas State University which promotes college readiness for "high risk" students," explained Medel. "Students attend a 2-hour leadership session every morning of the camp from 8:00 AM - 10:00 AM in which Educational Insight administers a curriculum-based leadership program fostering leadership and academic skills to approximately 75 originally 8th going to 9th, but recently 9th going to 10th graders. Students are then assigned to three different groups in which a third attend English, math, and technology classes."


This summer, EdInsight will be facilitating over 30 college readiness and leadership trainings with local students. EdInsight serves as a consulting firm for the various entities they contract to provide program and services. In most instances, the organization serves as a component of a larger model of programs and services resulting in the specific organization conducting their own evaluation and research on the program and services provided by EdInsight.

To learn more about EdInsight, contact R. Stephen Medel. In addition, stay tuned for an in-depth look at how EdInsight began, and where they are headed in the near future.