The AVATAR Model

Academic Vertical Alignment Training And Renewal (AVATAR) is funded by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) and is implemented under the leadership of the North Texas Regional P-16 Council and the University of North Texas. It is designed to promote networking by collecting curriculum alignment resources from around the state - making them easily accessible. AVATAR materials can be viewed and downloaded at

This two-year project began in August 2011 and is scheduled to finish in September 2013.

According to Co-Project Director Jean Keller, the AVATAR Web site's goal is create a place where all of the partners' work can be seen and stored easily. "We've been working hard to be a bed of resources," said Keller. She and Co-Project Director Mary Harris, along with their team, have branched out to include more than their immediate contacts.

"We have attempted, through our resources, to broaden to not just state, but to all regional national efforts that we could find," Keller said.

Keller is hopeful that the AVATAR initiative will help advance the goal of reaching readiness, especially in her area.

"Within our region, the students are better prepared to be ready to enter college and to be successful," Keller said. "We certainly invite people to use it."

Visit for more information about the project.

Written by Amy Williams