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Central Texas Pathways

Project Directors: 
Data Analyst: Jaclyn Bays
Gulf Coast RCRSA: Barbara Lerner and Gary Madsen


Formed in 2009, the Houston Pathways is comprised of two sites located in the Houston and San Jacinto areas. Its purpose is to serve the Gulf Coast Texas Region. It began as a collaboration between the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB), Houston Community College, San Jacinto Community College District, and the California Partnership for Achieving Student Success (Cal-PASS). The Houston Pathways development included four main goals: 

  • Develop Faculty Vertical Alignment Teams that support the four main content areas of mathematics, natural sciences, English/language arts and social science
  • Create a system that contains accurate student data 
  • Create within the student data system the ability for secondary and postsecondary educators to be able to access this data
  • Create within the student data system ways to track and use information pertaining to associate's degrees

Houston Pathways is generously funded by a grant from the Houston Endowment.  

Partners of Houston Pathways:

School Districts

Higher Education Institutions

Deer Park ISD

Houston Community College

Galena Park ISD

San Jacinto Community College District

Houston ISD

University of Houston System

Pasadena ISD

Spring Branch ISD



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