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    Social Studies

    I. Interrelated Disciplines and Skills
    II. Diverse Human Perspectives
    III. Interdependence of Global Communities
    IV. Analysis Synthesis
    V. Effective Communication

    About the Social Studies Standards

    Social studies encompass a wide variety of disciplines including history, geography, political science, sociology, psychology, anthropology, economics, philosophy, and archeology as well as several fields of specialization within these broad categories. Each discipline focuses on specific aspects of the human experience and employs a variety of methodological approaches to study these phenomena.

    The goal and the focus of social studies is to promote a deeper and richer understanding of the human experience. Together, social studies disciplines impart particular knowledge and skills that equip students to engage actively, thoughtfully, and responsibly with their local, national, and international communities.

    A primary goal of social studies is to promote greater civic awareness and responsibility. Effective citizenship requires knowledge of political and economic structures and institutions, methods of participation, and tools for problem solving.

    Social studies as taught at the college level require mastery of key cognitive skills that utilize a broad body of factual information and concepts.  Students need to know how to read and examine information critically, to communicate conclusions effectively, and to gather cogent information that will help them understand problems they will encounter in a wide variety of disciplines and careers.

    The ability to be a thoughtful analyst and interpreter of social and human behavior and events is at the heart of what it takes to succeed in college social studies courses. Training to develop these sophisticated skills needs to begin early and be nurtured over many years, and students need to be ready to demonstrate them with some level of fluency in college courses. The standards are designed to provide insight into the knowledge and skills students should be mastering in high school to be better prepared for the challenge of college social studies courses.